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You can rely on ZTL Partners to maximize your parking lot’s lifespan.

These are the two best preventative maintenance tools you can use to keep your asphalt waterproof, maximize its lifespan, and reduce your operating and capital costs:

  • – Crack Sealing
  • – Seal Coating


Asphalt will crack over time, but you can minimize the problems and costs of cracks by proactively sealing them to prevent water penetration and damage to your asphalt.

Asphalt’s water resistance will be reduced over time, due to traffic and Colorado’s harsh weather, even if you seal all visible cracks. Seal coatings (every 2-3 years) are required to maintain your asphalt’s water resistance, maximize its lifespan, and reduce its long-term costs.

Asphalt can be reapplied with new asphalt if it has been damaged beyond repair by crack seal and seal coat.

To extend the life of your asphalt and restore its structural integrity, ZTL Partners will walk your entire property to determine where to patch as well as whether a partial or full-depth patch is required.

For parking lots that cannot be extended by crack seal, seal coat, or patching, our Mill & Overlay and Remove & Replace services are ideal.

Mill & Overlay involves removing the top layer of asphalt (called “Milling”) and replacing it with a new layer (called “Overlay”). It is possible to Mill & Overlay your parking lot instead of doing a full depth Remove & Replace as long as your asphalt sub-base is not damaged.

This process improves both the appearance and the durability of parking lots by restoring water resistance, solving drainage issues, and extending their life significantly.

It is necessary to remove and replace the asphalt sub-base if it cannot handle vehicular traffic. With the use of advanced laser leveling and GPS technology, we can remove your asphalt to its full depth, repair the sub-base, and install a new surface to restore proper drainage and grade.

We are capable of handling the entire construction process, including the preparation of the sub-base and the paving of the parking lot.

Our asphalt finishes are designed to improve traffic flow into and out of your parking lot. Our services include parking stall striping, curb painting, traffic arrows and signs, crosswalks, speed bumps, and custom stenciling.

With our ADA parking stalls and sidewalk ramps, your parking lot will be ADA compliant.

Parking lots typically have concrete curbs and gutters, drainage v-pans, and ADA-compliant ramps. The concrete structures in your parking lot can be completely demolished and replaced by us.

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