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In order to control weeds effectively, it is imperative to adopt responsible cultural practices. Our weed control methods include both pre-emergent and post-emergent methods in turf areas, flower beds, rock areas, mulched areas, and flower beds. As well as performing periodic spot treatments for weed control, we will continue to maintain your property as it continues to thrive.

The best way to achieve a thick and healthy lawn is to follow a regular schedule of mowing, watering, and fertilizing, as well as our turf fertilization program. Watering is one of the services we offer along with nutrient programs for your trees during hot and dry months.

During the winter, you should water your trees and fertilize them deeply.

Our team assesses and prioritizes the health care needs of your trees and shrubs by targeting insects that could harm your landscaping and even become a hazard to pedestrians, such as mealy bugs and kermes scales.

ZTL Partners uses some of the best lawn mowing equipment available. The mowers we use are among the very best on the market. They are precision mowers of the highest quality. Our mulching decks are much safer for operators and bystanders since they greatly reduce the chances of rocks or materials being discharged that might damage people or property. As an additional measure, we sharpen our cutting blades daily in order to provide you with the best cut possible.

In addition to monitoring your existing irrigation system closely, our irrigation service also involves making any necessary adjustments to your watering schedule in order to reduce your water consumption without compromising the quality of your plants and turf. By incorporating socially responsible practices while incorporating economic benefits, the final outcome of this process is sustainable economic benefits.

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