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Indian Peaks Golf Course Re-Siding

This project involved the removal of the existing cedar shake edge shingled siding and replacing it with James Hardie fiber cement boards. The project also called for the replacement of the facilities gutter system.

The Scope:

The Indian Peaks Golf Course which is owned by the City of Lafayette was in need of new siding in late fall of 2021. The project consisted of replacing the cedar shake edge siding on the existing building and to match to the newly constructed annex.

The existing siding was to be replaced with James Hardie® straight shake edge siding. All trims and fascias were also to be replaced with James Hardie® boards. Upon the City’s concern about having issues with ice forming on pedestrian walkways during the winter, it was decided that it’d be best for the gutter system to be replaced and rerouted. Lastly, the facility received a belly board that wrapped around its entirety and would separate the two-tone look the city was going for.

Due to the lack of James Hardie® fiber cement boards, especially colored straight edge shake siding we decided to purchase primed boards instead of waiting 4+ months for colored ones. Through a custom color match, we ended up painting the boards the exact color the City wanted.