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La Mont Does Park Bathroom Remodel

This project called for the complete remodel of both the men's and the women's bathroom located on the north western corner of the La Mont Does Park.

The Scope:

The project consisted of a complete gutting of the men’s and women’s restrooms. The project called for all components of the restrooms to be replaced, this included all toilets, sinks, partitions, hand dryers, and vandalized glass bricks.

Due to the remodel taking place during the Covid-19 Pandemic much of the interior furnishings were dictated by material availability. For example, the high cost of stainless steel at the time forced us to use less expensive items like powered coating portions instead of stainless steel portions and porcelain toilets instead of stainless steel ones.

Additionally, we incorporated touchless items within the facility to limit the number of high contact surfaces. This included the installation of automatic hand dryers to limit both human contacts with the dryers and to save paper.

For a 3D scan of the La Mont Does Park Restroom please visit