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Snow Management

Providing cutting-edge snow and ice management, sweeping, and maintenance services

  • Real-time, web-based work order system
  • Online scheduling and project tracking
  • Mobile QA
  • On-demand reporting and historical analysis
  • Facial Recognition & GPS-enabled time and attendance tracking
  • ASCA Certified Technicians

ZTL develops comprehensive snow action plans tailored to each location’s needs, including industry-standard snow practices and ASCA standards. Furthermore, ZTL performs quality control audits both during and after the snow event, and for several days/nights afterward until no further action is needed. The documentation process includes identifying hazards on the property, confirming snow pile placement, and photographing the property. We drastically reduce your risk of liability on your premises through our proactive quality control system.

A comprehensive action plan is created after our inspection of your property. As a result, we identify potential hazards that may threaten our crews’ health and safety, and we make sure that they are aware of such hazards. This time of year, we identify areas with heavy pedestrian and automobile traffic, and we instruct our crews to treat and salt those areas. Additionally, we ensure our crews know how to access each property, where the closest salt storage locations are, and which paths they should pay more attention to when plowing. We can estimate with great accuracy the amount of time it will take to complete the work on your property by preparing it in this way before we begin the service. Throughout the season, the estimates will be used to track the performance and efficiency of our crews.

In addition to removing snow, snow removal also involves removing ice, which is an aspect that should never be overlooked. ZTL uses cutting-edge technology to ensure a high level of efficiency and consistency. We also maintain a large fleet of full-sized ice slicer trucks and backup equipment to ensure that we are always prepared to take care of your properties. With the help of temperature-stamped pictures and detailed weather reports, our team stays ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying how to effectively control ice.

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