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Hampton Yard 4 Painting & Waterproofing

This project involved painting 4 warehouse on a 26.6 acre property. Additionally, the project also called for the waterproofing of the main warehouse as it was going to be used as a maintenance shop by the future tenant.

The Scope:

Over the course of one month, 3 warehouses were painted. Along with all the ballards on the property. All warehouses were the same color which had been color matched.

The main warehouse received a full coating of polyaspartic coating for industrial applications. The polyaspartic coating was requested by the customer for its tolerance to heavy loads and oils. Since the main warehouse was going to be used as a maintenance shop for a fleet of vehicles.

The warehouse floor was power washed, acid-etched, and minor cosmetic imperfections in the floor were corrected to allow the polyaspartic coating to adhere.